Our Facilities

Fully Stocked library

The library is equipped with resources for students to conduct research and enhance their understanding of class material, recognizing that today’s readers will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Well Equipped laboratories

Since Lakeside College Luzira provides both arts and sciences, we have set up a cutting-edge laboratory for the benefit of students pursuing science courses like physics, chemistry, and biology.

Computer Laboratory

A fully functional computer lab that is always connected to the Internet. With more than 30 computers in a well-organized, secure lab, students may enjoy their research projects.

School Sick Bay

Lakeside College nurses provide medical care to students in a comfortable, equipped environment, ensuring timely and effective health needs are addressed during school hours.

Well furnished classrooms

The classrooms are furnished with contemporary equipment and pleasant chairs. The design is welcoming and fosters a good environment where students may succeed academically.

School Bus

Our Bus provides students with transportation to academic events, seminars, and other events, with a skilled and licensed driver ensuring timely and safe arrival at their destinations.

Students Dorms

Roomy, independent dorms for males and girls. We provide a clean, comfortable sleeping environment for our Students because we think that cleanliness is second to godliness.

School Chapel

Religious services, school assemblies, and other special occasions are held in the chapel hall. It offers students and staff a serene, contemplative area to congregate for prayer and meditation.

Basketball Court

Students often use the court during physical education classes and after school for recreational games. It provides a space for students to stay active and socialize with their peers.