DIT Programs

Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT)

Lakeside College Luzira has introduced practical skills teaching, namely: Tailoring, Hairdressing, Commercial artifacts, Computer applications (ICT)

Our DIT registration number is UG92580A. In line with the Uganda Ministry of Education program, a learner is introduced to all four trades in Senior One, then he or she chooses one in which they are examined in Senior Three and issued with a certificate by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT).

This arms the learners with practical skills that enable them to employ themselves at any time instead of waiting at home for possible hiring by employers, and yet jobs in public and private institutions are not enough for all candidates. It also enables the majority of our learners who join universities to be more focused in making their choices and also use some of the knowledge in their university studies. Some of them can also earn money to help sponsor their university education in the form of fees or pocket money.