Word from the school chaplain

As department in the organization structure of Lakeside College Luzira, a Seventh-day Adventist Church School, we basically aspire to bring about a Christian standardized motive among the students that would move and establish a God fearing community in the society we live in today.We work in different ways and dimensions to bring about the core values that are based on the word of God with the chaplain as the prime head of the department working hand in hand with different staff and students towards the achievement of establishing the nature that is advisable and acceptable by the beliefs of the S.D.A Church.

The works of this department are portrayed in different spiritual aspects starting with the morning class devotions, the work of the spiritual departments that organize fasting and prayers, prison ministries, community service, afternoon staff devotions and daily evening school worship programmes climaxed with the Sabbath welcome on Friday and utmost Sabbath praise, worship and lesson discussions throughout the day.

However, with the challenges of rejection of the word of God whereby some students fail to adhere to the good news during revivals and spiritual emphasis programs organized by the department climaxed with the baptism by immersion; we are gladly optimistic that with untimely prayers, hope and faith, the Lord our God will bring his name to be glorified through the works of the chaplaincy department as we continue to worship him in Truth and Spirit.

Yours in the blessed hope,


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