A effort to build community among past students and strengthen the alumni network of Lakeside College Luzira is being launched. The initiative’s goal is to give current pupils better educational chances by using the experience of older boys and girls. Additionally, it gives alumni a place to network and establish professional prospects. The school encourages alumni to get involved because it builds pride among past students and enhances the alumni group.

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Lakeside College Luzira is undertaking a drive to increase alumni support and develop community among past students. The initiative strives to increase educational possibilities for current pupils by leveraging the wisdom of old boys and girls. It also serves as a forum for graduates to network and pursue employment possibilities. The institution encourages alumni to participate because it enhances the alumni base while also instilling pride in former pupils.

Matege Rogers/Director Pest

CEO, Crate Make Studios

Please tell us about your life at Lakeside college Luzira and any specific teacher you cannot forget.
I think I was so much of a loner. I was stubborn in my own way, and actually, at Lakeside, most people thought I was going to become a performing artist. I was in the writer’s club. I used to do cartoons for the writer’s club. The teachers, I remember Mr. Sentumbwe, then he was a deputy.