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study abroad after finishing from lakeside college luzira

Lakeside College Luzira is proud to announce to you that through its partner companies, your child can get the opportunity to further their studies in Europe or Asia after completing S.6. This opportunity is extended to both  those who have either not made it to major Ugandan Universities due to strict entry points or those who have managed to get admission to local universities, but prefer to instead acquire quality education at universities in Europe.

Through the agency SOYUZONLINE-UGANDA, any student who has completed A-level even with a minimum of 1 principle pass, can be granted the opportunity to further their studies in Europe (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain,Finland, Thailand, Estonia and China) on self-sponsored programs at very low or manageable tuition fees.

From over 650 universities to choose from, SOYUZONLINE-UGANDA offers a wide range of courses (over 600 courses) among which are:

1. ENGINEERING COURSES (Electrical, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Civil, Bio-engineering, Petroleum etc.)

2. ICT courses

3. General Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Nursing

4. Law

5. Business Administration, Management

6. Pedagogy, Linguistics etc.

7. Aviation

And hundreds more!

The tuition fees are very affordable, the cost of living is quite low and the conducive environment that the students are subjected to are the real reason why every student is able to study in these countries.

In case of need for further information, kindly visit the agent's website at or send them an e-mail to


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