Lakeside College Luzira


Admission in all classes in full gear right now!

Welcome back to Lakeside College Luzira! This is to inform all parents and guardians that admission in all classes is ongoing. The school officially re-opened its gates to students on the 10-th of January, 2022 and studies have already resumed for all class levels! For starters and those wishing to join Lakeside College Luzira, you are most welcome and encouraged to apply online if you unable to come to the school in person. Admission started on the 1-st of December, 2021 and will be closed as soon as the desired number of applicants is reached.

We shall verily be happy to receive you at Lakeside College Luzira!

May God bless you!

Welcome to Lakeside College Luzira!

Lakeside College Luzira is Christian Education Institution, fully registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports. Lakeside College is both Day and Boarding school.The school was founded in 1978.  The School is owned by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Central Uganda Conference, P.O. Box 22 Kampala, Uganda.

Lakeside College Luzira recognizes the great diversity in backgrounds, needs, and aspirations of its students and develops a curriculum that meets these needs.

Lakeside College Luzira offers numerous opportunities to a child to develop a meaningful and lifelong relationship with God. We places a strong emphasis on the basic curriculum (English, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

At Lakeside College we constantly seek ways, wherever possible, to enrich the curriculum by offering more subjects that supplement a strong academic program. Hence, we make every effort to help students develop proper communication and interpersonal skills needed for University, workplace or everyday living.

Since learning requires time and a conducive atmosphere, at Lakeside College Luzira we requires that high expectations for students' achievements receive special attention throughout the school. The entire school environment sends a message to all who enter the school that academic achievement is valued here. The overall environment and outreach makes a statement that learning is valued and rewarded.

Buildings are kept in good condition, making them safe at all times.

Students have a strong sense of belonging; students feel proud of their school, feel they are wanted and nurtured by the school.

Students know well the safety drills held at the school and respond with precision when the signal is given.

Our core values

God fearing, Excellence, Customer Care, Transparency, Teamwork and Honesty.

Philosophy of education

Lakeside College Luzira is an Adventist school and so it subscribes to the Adventist Philosophy of Education. Adventist Education seeks to impart far more than academic knowledge. It seeks to develop a life of faith in God and respect for all human beings; to build character akin to that acts as a reflector of others thoughts, to promote loving service rather than selfish ambition; to ensure maximum development of each individual’s potential; and to embrace all that is true, good and beautiful.


Online Admission system

Lakeside College Luzira is glad to introduce to you the Online Application Form. Every prospective student can now send in their applications online for admission at Lakeside College Luzira. The system is very easy to use and straight-forward and is very handy for applicants from distant or remote areas and also those residing outside Uganda. Every applicant is encouraged to use this system to save time and money traveling to the school to seek admission. Once your application is received, you will be contacted within 36 hours and notified on the way forward.


We want to inform all our parents, guardians and  students of Lakeside College Luzira that following the Government's decision to re-open all schools in the country on the 10-th of January, 2022, we are very pleased to inform you that Lakeside College Luzira is very prepared to receive your child starting on the 9-th of January, 2022! Admissions are ongoing for all classes. We are ready to re-take on the responsibility of your child after a long time! We implore you to continue entrusting  us with your child. Your child is our child which means that we are sharing equal responsibilities as far as raising them is concerned. This also implies that they will be in the best hands with us here. Welcome back to Lakeside College Luzira .... Desire to do well!

our Mission

Lakeside College Luzira provides best quality secondary education that emphasizes the spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development of learners with great future aspirations, so that they successfully face the challenges of the changing world!

School Vision

"To Be the Best Choice in Providing Holistic Education in Uganda"


Contact us!

Lakeside College Luzira, 7 km Port Bell Road         

Mutungo Parish, Nakawa Division, Kampala District

P. O. Box 50013, Kampala

Mobile: +256 77 2405123

Headteacher: +256 704984307; 0772304144