Lakeside College Luzira


Beginning of Term 1, 2021 for S.3, S.51-st March, 2021
Opening of  Term 3, 2021 for S.4 and S.615-th January, 2021
Beginning of Term 3, 2021 Exams for S.4 and S.6March, 2021
Beginning of Term 3, 2020 Exams for other classesNot known
Parents' Meeting (S.4 and S. 6)Not known
Visiting DayNot known
End of Term 3 for S.4 and S.6April, 2021





The School's debating club participated in the high school cross fire debate competitions and qualified for finals which were held on September 30, 2019.

There was a Uganda Union Pathfinder Camporee at Nchwanga, Kakumiro from 8-th to 15-th December, 2019. Registration fee was Shs. 35,000/- while transport and feeding was Shs. 115,000/.